This easily track all assets in your facilities, record supplier and user information and helps to know where the asset is located

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  • Easy record of assets to maintain accurate and detailed specifications of assets
  • Record supplier and user information.
  • Reminder Notification for assets maintenance or repairs.
  • Generation of monthly reports about assets
  • Maintain all asset related information accessible by all approved users in real-time


This helps you simplify the tedious task of keeping attendance and sends notification to parents

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  • Attendance marking, viewing and summary report
  • Parents get notified instantly when attendance is marked.
  • Class teacher can use Proskool app to mark and view attendance


This module helps create and keep track of your school’s schedule and events

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  • Provision for creation of schedule and events dates which are accessible by parents
  • Provides user-friendly way to track all event


Manages everything about the student(s) records including all the results for all the subjects/ courses/ classes till graduation stage and generate student transcript.

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  • Easy score entry and score updating, and remarks and generate various reports which reduce time and paperless work.
  • Well laid out Exam Result sheet (Midterm and End of term) displaying in bulk section with computed scores, traits ratings and comments.
  • Statistics and course grades are calculated automatically.
  • Automated generation of Broadsheet and Transcript.
  • Feature for emailing results to parents.
  • Comment bank for easy entry of teachers/admin comment
  • Comment based result for preschool classes


This helps you simplifies accounting processes done in schools

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  • Helps track school daily/weekly/monthly income and expenses
  • Printable reports on income and expenses
  • Automated generation of general ledger
  • Easy creation of budget with automated update from expenses and income inputted.
  • Simplified report export to PDF and Excel format.


For upload of school event photos for staff and parent access

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  • Simplified process for uploading event photographs
  • Parents can view uploaded photographs


This module serves for the definition of user access and restrictions

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  • Easy creation of user group type and permissions
  • Assignment of unique features to users.


Smart messaging system which provides an effective and productive way of communication. Two-way engagement of teachers, admins, students and parents.

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  • Internal messaging system amongst staff
  • Messaging system for School Administrators to send and receive messages and mails to and from staff and parents with provision for file attachment


News module helps school administrators to send school news which is accessible by staff and parents

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  • School news feature to keep parent updated on happenings in the school.
  • Provision to insert picture


This module aids quick and efficient bill payment processes and real time feedback to parents.

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  • Easy creation of fee details with provision to state discount and excluded fees
  • Automated generation of Bill Slips/notice which are printable and can be mailed
  • Automated generation of receipt for installment and full payment which are printable and can be mailed
  • Easy management of students’ fee related data.


This helps to ease and automate Payroll processes

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  • Extensive salary configuration settings
  • Generate and Manage the Payroll Processes according to the Salary Structure assigned to the employee.
  • Accurately computes salary for all employees including loan deductions, tax, miscellaneous addition or deduction
  • Automated generation of pay slips and payroll which are printable and can be mailed.
  • Excel export facility


one time set up of necessary information needed by Proskool to automate other features.

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  • School information with features for School name, address, logo, motto, email and website
  • Session details with features for stating when the session starts and ends.
  • Terms details
  • Class details with features for class arms, class categories, class-teacher allocation.
  • Subjects details with features for subject categories, class-subject allocation and subject-teacher allocation.
  • Grade rating with features for stating maximum and minimum score and comments for grades.


Data capture of staff details including spouse details

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  • Easy capture of staff personal data
  • Feature for creating staff log in details (username and password)
  • Allocation of staff to single or multiple user role.


Data capture of students information and parents details needed for other automated processing in Proskool.

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  • Easy capture of student biodata, academic information, family information, and medical details.
  • Smart search for students’ information
  • Feature for importing students’ data from excel
  • Feature for promoting students from one class to another.
  • Birthday alert (for students, staff and parents) with feature for extraction of phone numbers and email addresses.


This module helps to easily create flexible Timetable for conducting classes in a planned manner.

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  • Feature for configuring timetable with allowance for stating period name, start and end time.
  • Allocation of subject to periods.