About Proskool App

What is Proskool?

Proskool is a complete school management software which efficiently manages school data and information and makes them useful and available to school, students and parents anytime and anywhere using the web and mobile App.

Can Proskool be used by a school with more than one annex?

Yes. Proskool is designed to allow the management of groups of schools or multiple school annexes in one single solution.

Can a teacher be assigned to more than one subject?

Yes. Proskool is flexible to allow teachers to be assign to as many subject as possible and across different classes.

Are Grades automatically displayed on the result?

Yes, there is no need to input grades individually on students result. They are automatically inserted ones Grade set up has been done.

Do users have access to all features?

No, every user will have access based on user roles with features defined by the Proprietor or Head of School.

Can data be imported from and exported to Excel?

Yes, data can be imported from and exported to Excel.

How is the data of students who leave the school managed?

Data and records of students who leave the school are well kept in Proskool. Old records of such students are accurately kept while their class status can be modified so that their names do not display in terms where they are no longer in the school.

Can attendance be marked for morning and Afternoon period?

Yes, daily attendance can be marked for students during morning and afternoon session and is defined for mid-term and end of term. The attendance counted automatically displays on result sheet.

Are scores automatically cumulated and analyzed?

Yes, continuous assessment and exam scores are cumulated and analyzed to get the accurate total score, average, grades and class positions(optional)

Can debtors be tracked?

Yes, debtors can be tracked with their class and the amount owed.

Can Proskool work online?

Yes. Proskool is a web application which works online thereby being accessible anytime and anywhere. It can also work offline.

How is Proskool accessed?

Proskool can be accessed using the web interface or Proskool app.

How do I get Proskool app?

Proskool app is available for download on google play.

Who can use Proskool app?

Proskool app can be used by school administrators, staff and parents.

What can parents do with Proskool?

With Proskool app, parent will be able to send and receive messages to and from their ward’s school, receive notification of and view attendance marked daily, view result, view ward’s timetable, view bill slip, view payment receipt, view school gallery pictures, view school scheduled events via calendar, receive and view school news.

What can school administrators and staff do with Proskool app?

School administrators and staff can have access to all the features they have access to when using Proskool web interface and receive notification of messages received.

Can asset maintenance be tracked with Proskool?

Proskool has Asset module which helps to effectively tract school asset with details about maintenance or repairs.

Can attendance summary be generated?

Yes. Attendance marked are summed up with details of number of times present and absent including their percentage.

Can attendance summary be exported to Excel?

Yes. Proskool has features for attendance summary to excel for further analysis.

How are students’ attendance marked?

When using attendance feature, names of students in a selected class are displayed for marking with a click and then saved with the appropriate date and period (morning or evening).

Can attendance be marked using Proskool app?

Yes, teachers can mark and view attendance using the app.

Who can view the events on the calendar?

The events created on the calendar can be viewed by staff and parents. Parents get reminder notifications concerning the scheduled events.

How does the calendar feature work?

The calendar feature shows a calendar as with the conventional calendar, a day is selected and the event is created for the selected date. Events can be created for a whole term or session. The scheduled even can also be edited anytime.

Can scores inputted to Proskool be edited?

Yes. Scores inputted to Proskool can be edited easily. The edited scores are saved immediately and all dependent scores also change immediately.

Can mid-term result be generated with Proskool?

Mid-term result can be generated easily. Once the mid-term scores are inputted, a well laid out result is automatically generated with total score, average score, grade and comments.

Does Proskool have Broadsheet and Transcript?

Broadsheet and Transcript are generated by default as scores are being inputted into Proskool and they can be printed.

How are email sent and who can receive mails?

Emails can be sent to staff and parents. When sending emails, users can select the recipient and compose messages with attachment and send. The recipient receive the messages with a notification on Proskool app and can reply the message from the app.

Will teacher’s comment be typed for each student’s result?

No. Proskool has Comment Bank feature which once populated with necessary comments (for Class Teacher, Head Teacher and Subject Teacher) will display for selection during result processing with allowance for customizations where needed, so there is no need to type the comment for every student.

Are Grades static or customizable by users?

Grades are user defined and customizable and can be changed anytime by school administrators or users with permission to use grade feature.

Can parents download results?

Yes. Parents can download their ward’s result on their phones using Proskool app.